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Former League of Legends pro-players and world champions are returning to the international stage once again for a showdown in Hong Kong! These iconic e-sports athletes have been invited from across the world to compete in an epic battle to be crowned best of the best.

  • Team Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau
  • Team Mainland China
  • Team Europe
  • Team North America

As Taiwan’s king of top lane, the former world champion hails from the Taipei Assassins. He boasts a large champion pool, having once picked 20 different champions in 40 games during a professional league competition. His consistent performance and strategic use of split pushing have led him to countless victories. With Nidalee top lane as a pocket pick and his generous sharing of champion guides with the community, Stanley has won the hearts of the audience and remains popular.


Also hailing from the Taipei Assassins, the League of Legends Season 2 world champion has superhuman reflexes. There are numerous examples of his fancy footwork, which has always been the highlight of his play. Having once famously dodged an undetectable Malphite ultimate against a CLG.EU player, his playmaking ability is still the talk of the town.


Originating from Hong Kong, the League of Legends Season 2 world champion is a monster of a mid-laner and a former member of the Taipei Assassins. Taking control of the entire game with Orianna has always been his signature, and his way of demonstrating that he’s the best in mid lane. Toyz has also taken the title of champion at the 1v1 Mid Lane Skill Competition of All-Star Shanghai 2013.


GodJJ has shown remarkable marksman skills by climbing to rank 1 in both the North American and Southeast Asian regions. During his time with the Taipei Snipers, GodJJ represented Taiwan for the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, achieving third place in the League of Legends.


Aside from being Captain Taiwan and Season 2 world champion, MiSTakE was also the leader and original member of the Taipei Assassins, and placed third in the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. He later moved on in his career to become a professional caster, serving his fans in the community with lively broadcasts while starting up his own company.


A veteran of the professional scene and a former top laner for Team WE, CaoMei is also a champion of the IGN ProLeague, and is often at the top of the ladder in the Mainland China region. He has shown his ability to out-think his opponents with innovative picks such as Rengar top lane, which has led him to earn the title of ‘Backdoor Demon’.


Once a professional DOTA player, Ruo joined Vici Gaming and Team WE, starting out with the Jungler role. His aggressive playstyle has led him to play carry-type Junglers such as Jarvan and Lee Sin. This also led him to climb up the ladder to rank 1 in the Mainland Chinese regional servers.


Misaya is famous for his Zhonya’s Hourglass Twisted Fate bait-and-switch play. As the key member of Team WE during their Chinese Dominance in 2012, Misaya has earned himself the IGN ProLeague championship and the title of ambassador for the 2013 World Cyber Games, and is one of the best-known players in League of Legends history.


WeiXiao, whose name means ‘smile’ in Chinese, is one of the old members of Team WE. His marksmen skills have been recognised as among the best in the world in League of Legends, Season 2. He understands the limits of each champion under his palms and knows the resources his team can provide. He has delivered outstanding performance in the LPL 5 and all the Chinese regional tournaments.


Former support role and veteran for Team WE, Fzzf is known as one of the best support players in the league, especially for his surprising support picks such as Elise and Twisted Fate during 2012, when Team WE swept through and won all the Chinese regional tournaments. After that, he has been crowned a Chinese champion, with a win at IGN ProLeague Season 5.


Top laner for the French line-up aAa, kev1n won the title of runner-up in the Season 1 world championship. Later in his career, he transferred to famous teams such as SK Gaming and Millenium as their starting top laner. Striking fear in his enemies with his pocket pick Irelia, kev1n is known to play in a highly proactive manner to gain huge advantage in lane. His most recent achievement is winning the championship at IEM Season VIII in Sao Paulo.


Once a marksman of the European powerhouse of CLG.EU and Evil Genius, yellowpete’s professional career has been brilliant, with achievements including the championships of DreamHack Summer 2012 and Season 2 Regional Finals. With his personal achievements on rank 1 on the EU West ladder in Season 1, yellowpete is a force to be reckoned with.


Owner of Origen and former mid laner of Fnatic, xPeke has become a widely known player throughout League of Legends history since his clutch backdoor performance at the Intel Extreme Master Katowice. With his strong leadership, he’s led Fnatic to three EU LCS championships in his professional career. Soon after, he founded his current team Origen. xPeke now works behind the scenes in e-sports and only appears as a substitution when his team needs him.


Having started his professional career at the age of 15, the Jungler of the former Fnatic team has earned championship titles at the League of Legends Season 1 World Championship and Season 3 DreamHack Winter 2012. He was known as the Prince of Thieves due to countless Baron and Dragon steals in high stake matches. His humorous personality has led him to appear at analyst desks and bring laughs to the League of Legends Community. He is currently the substitute Jungler for Team Origen.


Former marksman of the European team Fnatic, Lamia is a hall of fame member of the line-up that won the League of Legends Season 1 world championship. After his early retirement in 2012, he returned to the scene and joined Team Ozone Gaming and started to compete with Taiwan League of Legends teams, showing the world his skills once again.


Founder and former top laner for Counter Logic Gaming, HotShotGG was the earliest streamer in the League of Legends scene with an average of about 20,000 viewers, which was a feat at that time. Many professional players praised his signature picks of Nidalee, LeBlanc and Cho’Gath. During his time as a pro-player, HotShotGG won many tournaments, including the 2010 World Cyber Games and IEM Cologne Season VI, and also earned the title of MVP at IEM Cologne Season VI.


Former and founding Jungler of Team Solo Mid, TheOddOne’s achievements include winning the North American LOL Championship Series (LCS) and the IGN ProLeague, and placing third at the Riot Championship. His streams were widely popular due to his strategic explanations and stellar ability to command the jungle. TheOddOne pioneered the use of popular Junglers like Maokai and Nunu, and was widely considered one of the best Junglers in the world during Season 1.


A second-generation member of Counter Logic Gaming, LiNk is known for his consistency and versatility in taking on various positions. He created ripples in the e-sports scene with his Lee Sin highlight reel, and also for building triple gold-generating items.


Chaox is a former marksman of Team SoloMid. During his time on the North American pro scene, he won many championships at various tournaments, including the S2 NA Regional Finals and IGN Pro League. He earned the title of ‘King of Last Hits’ with Chinese fans due to his accuracy in farming, and was also revered for his innovative strategies and tactics.


Chauster is a first-generation member of Counter Logic Gaming. He was known as the strategic centre of his team and also for playing multiple positions in his professional career. His understanding of metagaming led him to win two World Cyber Games (WCG) championships, and an induction into WCG’s hall of fame.

Date 4 & 6 August 2017
Semi-final: Team Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau vs Team Europe 4 August 10:00
Semi-final: Team North America vs Team Mainland China 6 August 10:00
Final Match & Prize Presentation 6 August 19:00
Venue Hong Kong Coliseum
Ticket Prices HK$480, HK$280, HK$150, HK$80
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